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Keats Chocolatiers Assorted Selection Box 16pcs 200g £16.95


Keats Chocolatiers Assorted Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Selection Box 16pcs 200g
Escape from every day with the tempting tastes of our stunning luxury hand-finished truffle range. Give your senses a treat with this luxury collection of assorted truffles, beautifully presented in an elegant box. The carefully selected assortment has been created to showcase the very best of our sublime hand-finished range to include milk, dark and white chocolate-coated truffles. Keats Chocolatier hand-made premium chocolates are the perfect treats for Christmas for any family member who simply loves chocolate !

16 pieces of milk, dark and white chocolate truffles, 8 flavours 

Sugar dusted creamy milk chocolate with a decadent caramel filling.

A luscious milk chocolate cream filling coated in milk chocolate.

An indulgent dark chocolate cream filling encased in a crisp dark chocolate coat.

Marzipan encased in dark chocolate, topped with a layer of creamy white chocolate.

Delicious dark chocolate ganache and hazelnut cream in a milk chocolate case sprinkled with hazelnut pieces.

Creamy milk chocolate with a luscious coconut filling dipped in velvety white chocolate.
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Smooth hazelnut cream filling encased in a crisp dark chocolate heart-shaped shell

Milk chocolate encased hazelnut cream filling topped with chocolate-coated candied orange.

Dark Chocolate contains a minimum of 65% dry cocoa solids.
Milk Chocolate contains a minimum of 36% dry cocoa solids and 26% Milk Solids
White Chocolate contains a minimum 35% dry cocoa solids and 20% Milk Solids

Allergen Advice: May also contain traces of Nuts, Peanuts, Milk and Soy. Suitable for Vegetarians and Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free