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Now UP TO 65% OFF New A/W 2019/20 Clothing Collections
Now UP TO 65% OFF New A/W 2019/20 Clothing Collections

Orkney Landscape Sloppy Joe Jacket in Rolling Hills £159.95

Designed by Judith and made in Orkney by one of her experienced knitters based in their own home, the landscape sloppy joe jacket is knitted in luxurious soft Italian Merino yarn with a touch of cashmere and Scottish lambswool which makes this jacket, soft and lightweight to wear. The yarns are twisted together as they come of the cone which makes each garment look totally unique. This gorgeous sloppy joe jacket has a unique handmade knitted tube tie band, front pockets with curled trim cuffs and welts.. It is quite a roomy shape and not fitted but is a very wearable style. The design reflects the colours, light and textures of Orkneys rolling grassy green landscape.
Judith uses a fully fashioned method for making her collection and each piece is shaped by hand on a small domestic knitting machine then sewn together and finished by hand. When you buy a garment from Judith you are truly buying an item that has been painstakingly made in a home and not mass manufactured. 
As Judith only has a small local team of six knitters and finishers, it is very diffecult to keep the full Orkney knitwear collection in stock. If we cannot complete your order straight away, we will contact you by e mail and let you know how long it will be to make up your order. Normally there is a lead time of  around 3-4 weeks depending how busy we are at the time.