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Grace & Blume

 ''We are very fortunate that our small business is based on the southside of Glasgow and we have such beautiful countryside on our doorstep. When we’re not busy making your products or packaging them up to send on their way, we try to escape to the hills ... and relax.

MY STORY - The journey really began when my daughters, Chloë and Anna were born. Life would never be the same again! Fast forward several years and my hectic lifestyle as a professional violinist started to affect my overall health and skin.

A mini-break to the Cotswolds to attend a soap-making and skincare workshop was the breath of fresh air I needed. Creating soaps for the family was not only hugely enjoyable, but also helped to reduce our household plastic waste.

Soon friends & family were keen to try my products and in January I finally decided to listen to the advice I’d always given my two gorgeous girls ... 'you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it and work hard'. It’s never too late to follow a new and exciting path

WHY GRACE AND BLUMË? I have always enjoyed trying new skincare products, but as I reached pre-menopause I became increasingly aware that my skin was becoming more and more sensitive. At the same time, my youngest daughter faced the challenge of teenage hormonal skin. I realised that this situation was probably occurring in other households across the nation, especially with more women having children in their 30's and 40's.

Learning to read ingredient labels on products, I saw just how many ingredients could be very irritating. Studying organic skincare formulation seemed to be the next obvious step for me. Creating organic soaps is the first stage for Grace & Blumë. Developing a skincare range for mothers and daughters with challenging skins is our next step, with some big plans for 2021. We want to help women feel confident whatever their age ... whether blossoming or blooming into young adulthood, or ageing gracefully.

My daughters have, and always shall be, my everything. I wanted to somehow have their spirit infused within the brand name. A strange, yet happy coincidence then seemed to reveal itself.

Anna in Hebrew means ‘grace’ and Chloë ‘blooming’ or in Scots, ‘blumë’. Perhaps ... it was meant to be.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we love creating them for you. ''

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