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Roka Bags

Roka Bags

When Roka founders Emma Rosenberg and Brett Katz met it was love at first sight, but with Brett living abroad and Emma living in England, the pair became experts at packing, traveling, and life on the go. After about a year and a half of long distance dating, Brett moved to London to be with his new wife, Emma.

It didn’t take long for Brett to learn about England’s fickle weather. When rain came through his rucksack, soaking his books and belongings, he quickly realized the need for a bag that was as functional as it was fashionable. He began sketching, designing, and developing a versatile bag, a bag that anyone could use whether they were commuting, pushing a pram, or headed to school. His passion for design, function, and fashion came together to form the Bantry Bag and the Roka brand. Emma was alongside, offering her wifely comments, support, and opinions - whether all the advice was taken or not is between man and wife.

And thus, Roka was created.

  • Weather Resistant

  • Bold, Fashionable, Functional

  • Ageless & Unisex

  • New Styles & Colours

  • Tough, Durable, Lightweight

  • Vegan & Animal Friendly

  • Ethically Produced

All of Roka’s products are vegan, animal friendly, and produced in socially compliant factories, following our brands desire to care for and recognize the importance of others. Each bag is made carefully with specifically chosen materials, to ensure that every customer receives a bag that is weather resistant, durable, and bold. The outer material of each bag is triple coated, weather resistant, matte nylon; the base is weather resistant, triple coated canvas, and all of the hardware is smoked, galvanized, and branded with the Roka logo.
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