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About Jane Glue

Jane is a well-known Orkney artist and is Judith Glues twin sister. They were born in Orkney in 1958 and have lived there all their lives. Their parents Donald and Ella Glue met during the Second World War when Donalds ship the HMS Rodney was based in Scapa Flow.  

Both twins were keen artists from an early age and always had a piece of paper and pencil in their hands, forever drawing. In 1976, Jane studied at GraySchool of Art, Aberdeen, returning home after a year at Grays, she later attended Harrow School of Art in London from 1982-85 graduating in Illustration.  

For many years, Janes preferred medium was watercolour but now she prefers to work with mixed media, creating and painting original work using acrylics, collage and items found on Orkneys shoreline. Her focus is still on the Orkney landscape, although in a more abstract style.


Both twins spend a lot of time together and continually bounce creative ideas off one another, while beachcombing on many of Orkneys beautiful beaches. 

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