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How we make our Knitwear

Judith moved to her large shop opposite St. Magnus Cathedral in the centre of Kirkwall in 1979.
A few years later she started to design knitwear accessories and then a garment collection with the Original Runic design being one of her first patterns to make. Her Orkney Knitwear collection is all made locally in the Islands by her small band of skilled knitters and finishers. It is a cottage industry as each piece is knitted and shaped by hand on small hand framed machines , cut and sew methods are not used so you have a much finer handmade result.  Cathy runs Judiths small team in her workshop behind the shop in Broad Street, a limited amount of garments are made as knitters are now so hard to come by and it is such a skilled profession.
All the knitwear is knitted with a mix of Scottish lambswool which includes the local Orkney sheep clip within the yarn and also Merino which is a very soft fibre which is spun  from under neath the fleece of the sheeps coat. All Judiths knitwear designs reflect the colours and textures of where she has lived all her life - Orkney. There are constant influences of greeny heathery low lying landscapes and stormy vivid turquoise seas along with lichen stone walls.
Designs like The Rackwick Fair Isle are often named after Judiths favourite places in Orkney. Rackwick a very beautiful valley in North Hoy with a golden sandy beach lined with huge striped boulders. Its a very magical Orkney place and where Judith likes to spend time painting when she can along with her twin sister Jane.