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Judith Glues Orkney Shop - Comments

There is something for all ages in the shop, many customers call it 'An Aladdin's Cave' and Judith loves to find unique and unusual products that our customers simply just love!

We value customer feedback and welcome your comments below -

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FAy mCknight - October 26, 2020

I am so delighted with my hamper. Everything was so well packed even the cheese was ice pack wrapped. Can’t wait to try my products. Will be ordering again🤗

Guido Hornig - March 12, 2015

We where at Orkney by bike, started in Berlin, Germany Paln: (going around North Sea), I think between 1989-1991 – I can’t reconstruct the date. It was summer. We bought 2 very heavy jumpers – very warm and big (cheep but not cheap). Your shop was so kind to send them by mail because it was a overload for the bike transport.
2 month later we got mail from customs. Next to our house was an expensive fashion shop and the officers thought the expensive package was not for the poor students – but the students tried to make money from importing knitwear from Scotland. They did not believe the bike-story. So we had to pay a little extra tax and custom for the jumpers.
At that time, I couldn’t imagine, that this jumper is still in use 25 years later. I would select a different one now – but I still love it and I enjoyed Orkney.
Thank you for this anachronistic lovely piece of my life.
(Next time I would ask you to send my used cloth back home and customs will have fun with it…)
I Hope I can visit Orkney again.

Pat Keiran - February 23, 2015

A cold but nice tourist free Sunday on Orkney. Judith Glue was open so that’s the main thing. Paulette Lappin and Val (over)spent their year’s clothing allowance and still another day to go!

Hertzog Rousseau - January 28, 2015

Dear Judith and crew

In 1988 I visited your shop in Kirkwall with my friend Gunter Rienhardt. We were both newly qualified South African doctors then, working abroad and travelling as much as we could. On returning to South Africa, Gunter became a gynaecologist and is currently working in Southampton, England, whereas I became an anaesthetist, practicing in Paarl (near Cape Town), South Africa.

We are still proudly wearing our 1988 sweaters and were taken when Gunter presented me with a more recent edition sweater, during a visit at the house in Paarl , celebrating my 50th birthday! (Sadly, already more than 3 years ago – time flies!)
My 26-year old sweater is still keeping me warm (I’m wearing it today, hence the thought of writing to you) and never fails to attract a few compliments.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes.
Hertzog Rousseau

Dorry McLaughlin - January 28, 2015

I just wanted to say that the service to get my order to me was second to none. I ordered on Wednesday and received it on Friday! I also want to say that the tunic is absolutely fantastic and just what I’d hoped for. I bought a jumper, scarf and hat when in Orkney last September and I totally love them. I can’t get to Orkney often at all, much as I would love to, but it’s good to know I can buy my favourite ‘knit’ brand on line with confidence.
That’s my Christmas and Birthday presents from now on sorted!
Dorry McLaughlin

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